As one of the nation’s foremost collectors of vintage sports autographs in the country, Tidewater Collectibles pays top dollar for your material. Whether you are selling one or more choice items or a larger collection, Tidewater has the necessary funds available for fair and prompt payment. If you have items to sell, please send a comprehensive list of what you wish to sell including the type of item, condition, and any other relevant information. Include your selling price and images of your material via fax, scan, or photo, to assist our evaluation. We'll get back with you ASAP.


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Home Decorating


Decorating your home with sports memorabilia can be a great way to show your love for your team and to show off your collection. Many people choose to focus on a single room (usually the TV room or a home office) to fill with their sports collection. Not surprisingly, the NFL home decorations are a popular decorating theme, and it's easy to find official Cowboys home decorations and Redskins home decorations that have been licensed by the NFL. It's pretty incredible what some teams will put their logos on, and Pats fans can get Patriots home gear that include Pats beer mugs, barbecue grill covers and even a Patriots hammer. Similarly, if you're a Packers fan, you can get official Packers gear for your home like team logo afghan blankets or a larger than life size wall decals of legendary players like Bart Starr or Aaron Rodgers.


Our team of skilled designers offer our decorating services for restaurants, sports bars, golf clubhouses, offices, and even your ‘Man Cave’. We offer an extensive selection of the highest quality sports memorabilia including NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL, PGA & NASCAR.  Every signed item is professionally framed and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with matching holograms.  Each signature is witnessed by a member of our staff or comes from a private signing. All different styles of frames are available to match any décor, and all items are double-matted featuring the sports teams colors. Customized consultations to meet your unique needs and budget are provided free of charge.  We supply all the custom framed memorabilia, signed and unsigned, at competitive prices.  In addition to enlivening your atmosphere, you can also add to your bottom line. Transforming unproductive wall space into valuable selling space by retailing the items has added revenue to many of the restaurants that we have decorated.  Items that sell will be replaced immediately.  From one eye-catching entrance piece, to an entire10,000 sq ft restaurant, we can handle the entire process from start to finish.If you've been waiting for the opportunity to give your walls an impressive facelift, the time is here!  We hope that you reach out to us if you're considering the move to upgrade your wall space with exciting sports memorabilia.


​​Charity Events and Silent Auctions


Charity Events and Silent Auctions have become a large focal point for Tidewater Collectibles.

Incorporating a sports memorabilia auction into your fundraising event is an excellent way to entertain your quests and raise significant revenue for your charity. Sports auctions featuring Vintage Sports Memorabilia have the added benefit of tying in perfectly with fundraisers. Why? Many honorees, guests, supporters or alumni have a sports background either recreationlly or professionally, and they are passionate about sports. Therefore, they will bid on Sports Memorabilia items as a way to support their organization.


To satisfy the demand of these enthusiasts, Tidewater Collectibles has a large inventory of Authentic Sports which is guaranteed. A proper certificate of authenticty accompanies each and every autographed item.


Terms & Agreements


At Tidewater Collectibles Sports Memorabilia Auctions and Fundraisers, our main objective is to raise money for you!! Unlike many companies, we do not take a percentage of the sales. Everything at Tidewater Collectibles is done up front.


The way it works is as follows:

All sports memorabilia items are on consignment, so there is no risk.

A Tidewater Collectibles representative will personally oversee each and every event.

Example: Item X costs the charity $150. Charity starts the silent bid at $200. Three scenarios can occur.

   A. Item gets no bid, and is returned at no cost to the organization.

   B. Item gets minimum bid of $200 and charity makes a $50 profit.

   C. Item gets bid up, for example, to $700 and the charity would clear a $550 profit.


What's in it for Tidewater Collectibles? The ability to network and establish corporate relationships. At Tidewater Collectibles we always remember that the reason we are there is to help fundraise for your charity and we will make every effort to do so. Our items start from $10 to $2000 with everything in between, and we will bring a diversified product and price line.


In conclusion, we hope that you will allow us the opportunity to get involved with you and your organization and help in your efforts for a brighter tomorrow.

If you would like to use us for a charity event or auction please e-mail us at:

Or call at: (757) 369-5544.



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